When to Use Branded Vs. Promotional Products

22 Feb

When to Use Branded Vs. Promotional Products

Weighing Branded Vs. Non-Branded

Brands, by their very nature, generally have higher perceived value than non-branded products. Non-branded products can make up for that drawback, however, by being almost infinitely customizable to meet some communication or functional need that brands cannot be molded to fit. So even if the goal is motivation, the application may call for a promotional product instead of a brand. Here’s a checklist to help determine which medium makes sense.

Factors Favoring A Branded Solution

  • A primary purpose is to motivate people to do something.
  • A primary goal is to have awards and recognition with high perceived value.
  • An important goal is for people to share the recognition with their family and friends.
  • The budget supports paying a higher price for the award.
  • There is a feeling that being associated with brands will reinforce the brand of the sponsor company.

Factors Favoring A Promotional Product

  • The primary goal is to convey a message.
  • A primary goal is to reinforce the brand name and generate awareness.
  • A primary goal is to bring a theme to life in a clever way with a target audience.
  • A goal is to get someone to an event—having the event name on the gift increases response rates.
  • The economics call for a very low cost.

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