Rules for Effective Hospital Marketing

9 Mar

Rules for Effective Hospital Marketing

If your hospital’s marketing program misses the mark in any of the following ways, then it’s time to reconsider how you present yourself to patients:

  • Non-Care Orientation. Hospitals that focus on luxuries misunderstand why patients choose hospitals. According to Gallup, patients choose hospitals on the basis of the facilities’ specific treatment expertise and medical-error histories. What’s more, research on 31 U.S. hospitals conducted by the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine found no link between patient satisfaction and surgical care quality scores. While patient satisfaction should be a priority, it can’t replace measures of quality.
  • Overuse of Outbound Tactics. While many hospitals still use television ads and direct mail tactics to snare patients, the marketing world has moved solidly away from outbound techniques. Instead, HubSpot found 92.3% of companies using inbound tactics such as blogs, search engine optimization, and social media see increased site traffic, and 92.7% of companies report inbound marketing increases lead generation.
  • Short-Term Focus. Healthcare marketing requires patience. The great majority of individuals don’t need care immediately, so hospital marketing must understand the long-term nature of the work. Someone might view an advertisement or marketing materials for your hospital but not need health service for months or even years. Patience and persistent community outreach are must-haves for hospital marketers trying to win new patients.

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