Top 5 Promotional Tools For Campus Events

6 Apr

Top 5 Promotional Tools For Campus Events

It’s amazing what kind of reach is possible with a little boost from clever marketing. The promotional tools you use for an event can be a game changer when it comes to event turnout and creating some buzz. I’ve listed the top 5 campus event promotional tools below.

1) T-Shirts

T-Shirts are great promotional items for college students. They love free stuff, especially t-shirts. Many college students have tight budgets when away at school, so you can never go wrong with free clothes. On the flip-side, T-shirts are great promotional tools. The more students wearing them, the more free marketing your event will receive.

2) Digital Signage

Lets be honest, we are living in a digital generation and are plugged into electronic devices most of the day. Digital signage is just an add on. Having content beautifully presented on a giant HDTV is an exceptional promotional tool.

3) Flyers/Posters

Good old fashioned flyers and posters are a timeless marketing tool. They are one of the earliest marketing tools ever used and they remain effective to this day.

4) Facebook

During my time involved with marketing at the university I worked for, I was all about DATA! There was no data before I arrived, and everything being done was based assumptions. When I was finally able to start collecting data, the numbers proved powerful time and time again. Social Networking is key. Especially Facebook! It’s where the students are at, it’s where the students communicate, it’s where all the word of mouth goes down.

Don’t underestimate Facebook!

5) USB Battery Backup

When I found out these existed for a reasonable price, I was blown away; so were our students. With an increasing demand of power and use from our smart devices, the need for a longer battery life is necessary. Until cell phone companies figure this one out, we have to rely on our own resources. You simply plug these little sticks in and let them charge. They hold power until you plug your devices in. Did I mention they can be customized to sport your logo or event. Who wouldn’t show that off?! Pure genius!

We all want as much student participation as possible. Spend a little extra time pulling some of these resources together and see for yourself what kind of potential these items can unlock.

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